Providers have several treatment options to manage patient pain. Each option has a different set of pros and cons. This complexity makes it no longer safe for providers to base medical decisions on subjective data; providers base treatment decisions on clinical data. Beechtree Diagnostics test reports provide the data points needed to identify safe, effective treatment options through an easy to chart summary of the patient test results.

Easily monitor medications, manage medication levels, and understand potential drug interactions using cutting edge technology and revolutionary test reporting. Beechtree test reports – paired with clinical expertise – provide critical information about medication, substance use, and—when present—medication abuse.

  • Determine medication usage
  • Determine therapeutic levels
  • Determine recent and ongoing use of prescribed and non-prescribed medications, as well as illicit substances
  • Detect interaction with other medications used by the patient
  • Create care plans based on clinical data
  • Our medical training staff can help your staff understand how proper usage of urine toxicology testing can become a valuable tool for better patient care and risk mitigation.

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