33727926 - portrait of a young woman sitting at home with pen and paperYour mind may be going a mile a minute. Racing thoughts about things you should be doing, things you want to be doing, and everything in between. Maybe you have a hard time getting your mind to take a little breather. Finding healthy ways to relax can help you stay on the road to recovery and aid in a healthy lifestyle. So, how do you quiet your mind when it seems to be in overdrive?

Well, first off, if you have a mental health issue that needs to be addressed, please talk with your medical provider. Make sure that you’re taking all of the steps necessary to stay mentally and physically healthy on the journey. Besides addressing your health with a medical provider, there are plenty of things that are recommended for relaxation.


Getting your thoughts on paper allows you to let them go. This provides an outlet to process what you’re thinking and to help reduce the number of thoughts that feel trapped in your mind.

Get out in nature

Being in nature has an almost instantly relaxing quality, whether that’s on a trail surrounded by trees or on the beach listening to the waves crash. There is just something special about being outside and soaking up Earth’s beauty.


Exercise releases endorphins which provide feel-good vibes. It’s a natural way to increase your overall happiness levels. There are some particular exercises that tend to be recommended for relaxing the mind such as Yoga and taking daily walks (especially in nature).


Find a space that you can feel at ease in. Take time in the quiet. Try to clear your mind. Breathe deeply and slowly from your diaphragm, letting the air go in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to let go of the anxious thoughts every time you breathe out. Picture yourself somewhere that you’re most relaxed, maybe that’s alone on a beautiful tropical island or in the forest surrounded by large redwoods that travel for miles up into the sky. Allow your mind to be cleared of the anxiety and instead be filled with a sense of calm.

Take a warm bath or shower

Put a few drops of essential oil in your bath or some Epsom salts. Enjoy soaking and letting your cares rinse away. Or, put a few drops of essential oil on the floor of the shower, and let the steam rise up to your face as you stand with the warm water washing over you.

Listen to relaxing music

Music has a way of taking hold. It can excite us, make us want to dance, and even calm us. Choose tunes that provide a sense of peace and allow them to ease your mind.

Racing thoughts can be troubling. They can keep us anxious, depressed, and make it harder for us to stay on the road to recovery. Take steps to find your calm through healthy outlets.