Lab testing is the most popular solution to receive and deliver results to patients in a timely matter. Many medical professionals are utilizing lab testing more than ever before to make the most accurate and informed decisions that increase patient satisfaction. If you’re still skeptical about utilizing the accuracy of our lab testing services, turn to our reviews for guidance.

confident happy female doctor medical professional writing notes“Beechtree far exceeds my expectations for a lab service! We have the ability to form a relationship with this lab that we would never get with a lab out of state. They have gone above and beyond to ensure the success of my clinic and offer the best testing options for my patients. Couldn’t ask for more!” – Andrea Loving, nurse practitioner in Murray, Utah

“Beechtree is a really good company to work with. Their expertise has made my clinic a much better clinic, and have helped me provide much higher quality of healthcare. I recommend them to everyone!” – Anne Vincent, nurse practitioner in Provo, Utah

We’re emerging as a leader in lab testing because we offer features that have never been seen in the industry before. For one, we’ve eliminated the risk of human error in our testing services because we primarily use vacuum tubes to keep samples uncontaminated. From there, we activate robotics to transfer the vacuum tubes into the test tray.

The next element of our business that stands out is our unusually quick turnaround times. Never wait for results again because we give you an answer within two business days with help from our robust drug panel. Our reports are easy to read and include a patient comparison chart at the end where we compare the past five tests in depth.

Now is the time to get the quick results you’ve been waiting for. Get in touch with us by calling (801) 893-2773 or visiting our website today.