How do you know if your patients are taking their medications as prescribed? Whether you specialize in mental and behavioral health or pain management, a vital element of your practice is knowing that your patients are taking their medications properly, and if the levels are therapeutic. Beechtree Diagnostics goes way beyond the pass/fail of typical UA’s and provides critical medication analytics. 

Beechtree’s Historical Results feature allows you to see trends along with current results, so you can monitor compliance and measure clinical outcomes. With over 50 medications on our screen, and over 120 on our full panel, rapid turnaround of only 2 business days, and the ability to detect tempered or fake urine, you will have the information you need to prescribe with confidence. No guesswork, just great science!

We provide patient-friendly billing with Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances, along with offering a hardship program.

Enhance your medication management and join the hundreds of providers who send their toxicology tests to Beechtree Diagnostics. Beechtree:  an industry leader in medication management.

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