Doing some meditation on a yoga matThe misuse of drugs and alcohol impacts the well-being of millions of Americans each year and can lead to a variety of adverse health problems including stroke, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis and cancer.

139.8 million Americans age 12 or older used alcohol during the past month and another 67.1 million people binge drank. Although these statistics are startling, high-quality lab testing services can protect your clients and help them on the road to recovery.

Medical care is only one part of the addiction battle, though. Let’s take a closer look at three things that can assist patients on their journey to health.


When you’re faced with negative emotions and thoughts, meditation is the best way to clear your mind and start fresh. After making time for at least 10-20 minutes of medication per day, you’ll have a better idea of how to create achievable goals. Additionally, regular meditation eases cravings brought on by addiction. Sitting in silence gives you the tools you need to better cope. For more tips on meditation, please visit


Regular exercise releases endorphins, causing a natural high. Finding an activity you enjoy like jogging, dancing, yoga or pilates will give you more motivation to get active. Plus, when you reach certain exercise goals, you’ll start to feel more inspired to continue to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Expressing gratitude regularly leads to greater happiness. Start writing down your experiences and what you’re grateful in a nightly journal or download an app to keep track of your progress. As you go through this process, you’ll find yourself letting go of anger and resentment toward others.

If you want to incorporate accurate, easy-to-read laboratory results with your addiction treatments, we’re here to help. At Beechtree Diagnostics, we can provide laboratory paperwork within 48 hours. Our panels can detect more than 30 mental health drugs and dozens of other prescriptions. To learn more about our laboratory testing services, call us today at (801) 893-2773 or visit our website.