Rear view at upset man feel depression get psychological supportRecovery can feel isolating if you try to do it alone. While there are many things you need to work out internally, and recovery is a choice you need to make for yourself, you shouldn’t have to walk the path alone. You need support along your journey to help you get and stay sober.

A support system can help you stay focused on your goals of recovery. It can help you stay strong and avoid relapses. When you have people in your support system that have also walked this journey, they can help you work through shared issues. It can be freeing to talk with people also in recovery because you can find areas where you relate. It can help you feel more like you’re a part of a community and less like you’re on an island.

To help you stay strong in recovery, you’ll need to end some toxic relationships – the relationships that could cause you to stumble. But, you’ll want to build a new friendship circle, so you aren’t left alone and feeling depressed.

Take time to build up new friendships, and work on relationships with family members. You can also attend addiction support groups to provide you with a community that understands where you’re coming from. To help strengthen your other relationships, you may want to educate friends and family members about your situation. You can recommend resources where they can learn more about what you’re going through. Also, try to develop open communication with people in your support group, so that they understand your needs and boundaries. This will help them know how they can best be there for you.

Yes, it’s a personal decision to go into recovery, but it doesn’t have to be, nor should it be a lonely journey. In fact, you’re stronger with a support system. Work on building this community; surround yourself with people who will help you recover instead of hindering the process.