28283250_MCarefully consider how you’re spending your time. Is your time spent on things that will boost your success in recovery or is your time spent doing things or being places that could potentially trigger a relapse?

Every choice you make in recovery could potentially hinder or help you. That’s not to cause you to feel pressured or to worry you about the decisions that you make on a daily basis. Instead, it’s to help remind you that your choices are important when it comes to your overall wellbeing.

There are many things that can potentially trip you up, but there are also healthy choices you can make every day to boost your potential for success. One of those good choices you can make is to focus more on your physical wellness.

This means choosing to eat healthily, get a good night’s sleep and stick to a fitness routine. The way you treat your body can help you feel good from the inside out.

When you stick to a goal like exercising five days a week, it gives you something to focus your thoughts on. It also gives you achievements to celebrate, which can help you stay in a positive mindset. The endorphins that are produced from exercise can also help you feel more content.

Fitness activities can also give you an excuse to get together with friends who support you. These positive friendships can be helpful as you tread your recovery journey.

Of course, committing to a healthy routine is also good for the body. You may have spent years participating in bad habits that could negatively affect your health. But, now you can take the time to focus on replenishing your body and building it back up.

Taking care of yourself physically can benefit you mentally, not just with endorphins producing happy feelings, but also with your overall sense of satisfaction. When you see yourself achieve goal after goal, you’ll feel proud of yourself. When you are able to achieve more physically, that sense of confidence can continue to grow. You can feel stronger mentally and physically. You’ll probably also like the way the physical fitness improves, not just how you feel, but your appearance. This can increase self-esteem, giving you an even greater feeling of internal strength.

Remember the choices you make matter. Choose to be a healthier version of yourself, the version that stays strong and keeps going. You CAN do this.