Asian scientist  in the laboratory working at lab with test tubeAs lab testing professionals, we believe in creating accurate and reliable results every time. No exceptions. That’s the Beechtree difference.

Skip the false positives, long turnaround times and leaky cups. We promise to provide you with service you can count on to make the most informed decisions that will directly benefit your patients.

Vacuum Tubes

Say goodbye to stubborn leaky tubes that can result in a 3% human error rate. It’s time to eliminate the risk of spillage during transportation and cross-contamination with other patients. Other companies spend up to six to eight hours manually transferring urine in test trays, but not us. We can assure you that your sample will remain in place inside a vacuum tube until it reaches the lab.

Stellar Customer Service

What makes us stand out from the competition? Our stellar customer service. When working with us, you can contact scientists directly from our lab for technical assistance at any time. Never worry about struggling to interpret results again! If you want access to more in-depth information, we also offer clinical training on how to better utilize results.

If you have a unique situation, we can offer you customized testing requirements. We value you as a customer and want to do everything we can to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Easy-to-read Reporting

Ditch your hard-to-read documents for a report that won’t end up in the recycling bin. Our reports include a comparison chart for a quick digest. We also compare the last five test results in-depth and the last 20 results in graph form.

Did we mention that we produce a turnaround time of just two business days? That’s much quicker than the industry standard. For more information about our unique lab testing services, call us today at 801-893-2773 or visit our website for more information. We look forward to serving you (and your practice’s) needs.