Here at Beechtree Diagnostics, we offer medical providers customizable lab assessments for patients experiencing mental illness as well as drug and alcohol addiction. We also provide medication monitoring for pain management and urine toxicology testing and assessment of pregnant women at risk of substance use disorder (SUD). Through these specialized services, we provide key insights into patient health. Our services also allow for quick turnaround times and accurate results, helping providers make educated and informed decisions.

Health visitor and a senior man during home visit.Achieving the ideal drug treatment outcome isn’t always easy, but there are several steps you can take that are sure to make a difference. We recommend:

1.) Administering regular Urine Toxicology Tests

Urine Toxicology Tests are the best way to monitor patients who are prescribed opioids. Take the time to discuss with your patient the reasoning behind and the importance of this type of testing. Clarify that although these drugs are incredibly helpful, they’re also highly addictive. Regular testing saves lives.

2.) Encouraging patient adherence

Encourage drug adherence by educating your patients about the long-term repercussions of abusing illicit substances and/or opioid pain medications. If the situation is beyond the services you provide as a medical doctor, you may need to refer your patient to a specialist in addiction and pain management.

3.) Never denying treatment

No matter the situation, never deny treatment to someone in need. Be prepared to experience patient relapses and create a plan that puts patient safety and health first. Each situation is unique and a patient struggling with addiction may need to engage in your services multiple times to change his or her lifestyle. Remind your patient of your support and undying attention.

We can make helping your patients easier. We guarantee test results within just two days for over 30 mental health drugs and several prescription drugs. To learn more about our laboratory testing services, call us today at (801) 893-2773 or visit our website.